Read the 100’s of online reviews that rave about the KneePro UltraFlex III™, the best kneepad on the market.  Here is just a sample:


“Got my first couple of pair in the early 90’s lasted for 10 years and I did alot of tile floors back then . At times I forgot I had them on.  Just do not make them too tight . 100% Better than the ones in the home stores if you want the best, buy these.”

“I have had some knee pads with straps that hurt the back of my legs so bad, that I preferred to not use them. I had another set, the best they had at [box store] and they kept coming apart…..and they cost more than these by about double. These don’t hurt the back of my legs and they are amazingly comfortable. I really like them. I hope my dad buys them for all the guys in his business. Another thing I really like about these is the ease of the way the strap hooks in. Very simple and quick to put on or take off. I did find it easy to walk around with them. I could see how one of the other reviewers could forget they were on. I wish I had discovered these years ago, I would have saved my self a lot of pain from straps digging in.”


“My husband is 71 and loves to work in the garden. However, his knees ache and hurt when he plants in the garden. These knee pads are just the right thing for him. He can spend more time doing what he loves. They don’t move out of place and make him very comfortable.”



“These have to be the best knee pads ever made. They are well made and stay where they are suppose to.”



“This is my 2nd pair. My 1st pair was purchased 12-14 years ago after knee surgery. They afforded very good cushioning & protection then & after knee replacement a few years later. The recent purchase are after the 2nd knee surgery & I find the new strap connections stay hooked much better & do not bind behind the knee. Being a little longer the offer some more protection.”



“I use these everyday and they don’t move down your leg like other knee pads. I forget I have them on.”



“I’ve tried dozens of knee pads; these are the best. The closed cell foam really protects your knees. They won’t “bottom out” when you drop to your knees. Of course the best part is that they stay put. Nearly all other knees pads slip down when you walk around with them for any length of time. I can wear these all day without their slipping.”



“These are amazing. They stay in place and bend with your knee. The straps don’t bunch and hurt your knee by making it bend more. The articulated knee moves with you. This articulated knee along with the top strap are what really hold them up when you are moving around. I wore them with jeans and they were amazing, so glad I bought them.”



“I am 66 years old. I need to take care of what I have left. Over the years I have worn a dozen different kneepads. These KP Pro Ultra Flex III are in a class of their own. I wear them all day now.”


KneePro UltraFlex III™ Kneepad

The KneePro UltraFlex III™ is the best kneepad on the market today. Virtually indestructible and stays in place. Jointed so it moves with you, no slipping, no binding, or cutting off your circulation. Simply the most comfortable knee pad available. Multi-functional: Carpentry, Construction, Electrical, Flooring, Gardening, Industrial, Maintenance, Mining, Painting, Plumbing, Roofing, Safety, Tiling, Welding.

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KneePro UltraFlex III™ Tactical Kneepad

The KneePro Tactical UltraFlex III™ is the ultimate in knee protection, used by military, SWAT, police and shooting enthusiasts worldwide. Available in 4 popular colors. Hinged with METAL RIVETS to allow a full range of motion. Stays in place all day, even while running. Virtually indestructible while providing superior comfort.

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KneePro ArmorPro™ Tactical Elbow Pad

The KneePro ArmorPro™ Tactical Elbow Pad is the ultimate in arm and elbow protection. Flexible cap provides excellent grip on any surface. Multi position straps fit any arm, cap slides up or down for personal fit.
Light weight & cool, only 6 oz. each.

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KneePro ZeroGravity™ Kneepad

The KneePro ZeroGravity™ is one of the lightest, yet toughest, knee pads on the market today. Durable enough for many uses, and a great value. Ideal for roofing, plumbing, flooring, tile, gardening, carpentry, electrical, home repair, maintenance, finishing work, etc.

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