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KneePro UltraFlex III™ Kneepad

The KneePro UltraFlex III™ is the best kneepad on the market today. Virtually indestructible and stays in place. Jointed so it moves with you, no slipping, no binding, or cutting off your circulation. Simply the most comfortable knee pad available. Multi-functional: Carpentry, Construction, Electrical, Flooring, Gardening, Industrial, Maintenance, Mining, Painting, Plumbing, Roofing, Safety, Tiling, Welding.

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KneePro UltraFlex III™ Tactical Kneepad

The KneePro Tactical UltraFlex III™ is the ultimate in knee protection, used by military, SWAT, police and shooting enthusiasts worldwide. Available in 4 popular colors. Hinged with METAL RIVETS to allow a full range of motion. Stays in place all day, even while running. Virtually indestructible while providing superior comfort.

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KneePro ArmorPro™ Tactical Elbow Pad

The KneePro ArmorPro™ Tactical Elbow Pad is the ultimate in arm and elbow protection. Flexible cap provides excellent grip on any surface. Multi position straps fit any arm, cap slides up or down for personal fit.
Light weight & cool, only 6 oz. each.

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KneePro ZeroGravity™ Kneepad

The KneePro ZeroGravity™ is one of the lightest, yet toughest, knee pads on the market today. Durable enough for many uses, and a great value. Ideal for roofing, plumbing, flooring, tile, gardening, carpentry, electrical, home repair, maintenance, finishing work, etc.

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